Is Admission Charged Per Person Or Per Vehicle?

Elf Erika
Elf Erika
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One ticket equals one vehicle, and there's no limit to the number of passengers allowed per vehicle, adhering to local traffic regulations.

Please note that buses, limousines, and RVs are not permitted to navigate our enchanting displays. Additionally, we do not allow non-motorized vehicles or any trailers towed behind a vehicle. These measures are in place to ensure the safety of our cherished Guests and dedicated employees while preserving the integrity of our captivating light displays.

To comfortably traverse the show, vehicles must not exceed a maximum height of 10', allowing clearance for our stunning light exhibits. Furthermore, the length of vehicles passing through the park should not exceed that of a 14-seat van or equivalent with an excellent turning radius, roughly around 20'. The turning radius is of utmost importance, as vehicles must gracefully navigate the hairpin turns throughout the display without causing any harm to the show's elements or your own vehicle. Read more about our Vehicle Requirements here.