Can I Take Pictures At The Show?

Elf Chris
Elf Chris
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Certainly! You'll want to stay in your vehicle for everyone's safety, but that doesn't mean you can't capture the enchantment and share it with us on Instagram by tagging @worldofillumination. You might even have the chance to be featured and share your magical moments with a wider audience.

Feel free to unleash your inner photographer and take as many photos as your heart desires. Roll down your windows, pop open the sunroof, or find creative angles from the back of a pickup truck (always being mindful of local traffic laws) to ensure you capture those unforgettable moments.

While we embrace your desire to document the magic, it's important to stay in your vehicle to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your family, fellow guests, and our dedicated team members. So, get ready to shine bright and create lasting memories! ✨🚗