Our Themed Holiday Drive Through Parks And Mascots

Elf Chris
Elf Chris
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At World of Illumination we will make your light shine brighter! We're thrilled to welcome you to our premier holiday drive-through theme parks. As you venture through our enchanted experiences, you'll discover that each one is a unique and captivating storybook adventure.

What sets us apart is our commitment to keeping tradition alive. Wherever you visit us, whether in your hometown or a new market, you can join in our cherished holiday tradition. But here's the twist - we ensure your experience stays endlessly exciting by unveiling a brand new theme show at each venue, year after year. Your journey with us will never be the same twice!

What's more, we've brought animated mascots to life to be your cheerful companions on this wondrous journey. They'll be your trusted guides, adding an extra layer of magic and warmth to your visit.

So, bring your family and friends, and let World of Illumination take you on the ride of your life this holiday season and beyond. We can't wait to see you under the lights! 


Arctic Adventure

Candy Rush

Cosmic Sleighride

Enchanted Safari

Reindeer Road

Rockin' Christmas